03 November 2008

They are not evil, and Brad Sucks is even more not evil

Good old Magnatune. I don't know how artists feel about them, but as a music consumer, I like them. The philosophy behind the company seems to be that they'll give you free and open webstreamy access to the music they're selling. Once you've had a good listen, perhaps you'll buy. I think this approach to marketing is one of the most exciting things to emerge as a consequence of the relationship between the internet and art. Because if you purchase, you do it because you want to give something (money) in return for something that's been given to you (tasty musical goodness). Which makes you not only cool, but an even better person than you already were, too.

(For a fabulous example of this philosophy in action, not to mention some durned great music, check out Brad Sucks, his amazing thoughts on why sharing is good, and the juicy goodness he has spawned. Be amazed at his openness and awesomeness. Then buy his records! Or buy him a mood-altering substance, whatevs!)

If you sign up for Magnatune's free song of the day, they send you a (almost-daily) link to some free music for you to download and enjoy. Good especially if you have eclectic taste. They also allow/encourage you to embed albums on your own website. If you browse Magnatune and find an album you like, you'll find a link that will lead you to some magical code that you can paste into your site and thus embed the non-discreet player (below) or a discreet player (a simple and tiny gray bar).

If you like this music (played on the original Renaissance instruments), and you have a few bucks to toss around, please support the artists and purchase it!

Vihuela Duets of Valderrabano by Duo Chambure

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