11 November 2008

NaNoWriMo Day Ten

Word Count: 16733
Zombie Queens of England: 1
Assassinations by trepanning drill: 1
Mouldy Kings of England: 1
Successions to the throne by boring children: 1
Angry bitch aspirants to the throne: 1

I'm finished with Mary for now. I think it's interesting when you write a villain that you end up liking. Although yes, she's technically on the wrong side of things, there's something fun about giving evil some plausible motivations.

I like a monster who isn't totally inhuman.

You know?


Danielle D said...

I have to say that you win just for having an assassination by trepanning.

And yes, I absolutely agree: the worst monsters have some kind of humanity.

(Um, hi! Followed you here from your NaNo page.)

Elizabeth Twist said...

I'll forward your say-so to Chris Baty immediately. Dear Chris: See? I win!