21 November 2008

NaNoWriMo Day Twenty

Word Count: 33091
Beheadings: 1, the regular political kind
Nefarious enemas: 1
Bloody tyrants coming into power: 1

I'm not totally sure about the enema. It might be a little bit over the top.

On the other hand, I'm thinking a lot more about staying in the present tense and avoiding the problematic territory of the flashback and the recollection.

I guess for me part of the problem is that I think conflicted people - heck, all people - tend to haul the past into the present on a constant basis. Unless you're a saint, the past is there, informing your decisions.

Like your decision to give your little brother an enema using your own vampirically infected blood.

Too much? Too soon?

I have so much trouble discerning where the line is these days.

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