14 September 2012

How a Book Burning Party Saved a Library

So absolutely worth three minutes of your time.

02 September 2012

New Story Up at Allegory

Devil's Car by Ruslan via Wikimedia Commons

A brand spankin' new flash piece by yours truly, "The Mechanic's Darling," is up as part of the Fall 2012 issue of Allegory. It's free to read, and you can download a pdf of the stories if you'd rather stick them on your e-reader, so go nuts!

The inspiration for this story came originally from a prompt generated by Archetype Writing's Plot Scenario Generator. Click at your own risk: these are simple but grabby story ideas. I think they tend to work as prompts because they give you a way into the story. The one I used went something like this:

"The story starts when your protagonist moves to a new town. Another character is a mechanic with supernatural powers."

This was the first time I completed an idea from a plot generator, but I would do it again. It can be a fun way to introduce limitations into a plot. I don't know about your imagination, but mine thrives on limitations.

Once I sat with the idea of a mechanic with supernatural powers, my imagination factory kicked in and I started thinking about deals with the devil (one of my favourite themes), fairy kidnappings, and the inner workings of families. I hope you enjoy the story.

(p.s. consider supporting Allegory by purchasing an older issue from their archives for the extremely reasonable price of $2.)