13 March 2012

Six Things I Wish I'd Never Done

Hindsight is 20/20 Once The Mind Trick Wears Off
Via Very Demotivational

Day Seven!

I am a no regrets kind of person. Even when I almost died that one time, I was still (eventually) able to see it as a learning, growing, shove into a new direction kind of thing. Still, over the course of a lifetime one does build up a list of things that might have gone more smoothly had one chosen otherwise.

I wish I hadn't eaten French toast before attending our town fair when I was eleven. Those spinny, whirly rides did me no favours, neither on a social nor digestive level.

I wish I'd left when I realized my relationship was over, not a year later.

This is more a category than a single thing, but I always, almost immediately, regret boasting.

I sometimes wish I never went to grad school, but then again it did sort of sustain me financially for a while there when I needed it. I guess I'd say I wish I'd allowed myself to acknowledge that I wasn't going to go into academia as a formal career. I might have enjoyed the process of getting my degrees more.

I wish I hadn't stayed stuck in child-parent mode with my folks for as long as I did. We've shifted our dynamic to a much happier, more fun place now. Yeah, I'm still their kid, but we aren't playing the old negative scripts much any more. It's better.

I wish I hadn't allowed creative writing to slip so often. Life got in the way. It shouldn't have. (And I'm so glad I'm back into it!)


Cynthia said...

Sometimes we learn our biggest life lessons from doing stuff we might look back on with dread. Sometimes these things translate into great stories though.

Luanne G. Smith said...

A lot of people give up writing temporarily while life gets in the way. It's a biggie on the regret scale, as is number two...though I'm still stuck in that one. :(

Traci Kenworth said...

It's all good. I think it makes us become the person we are. I have a lot of regrets in one way, but I don't dwell on them because I know what happened made me a stronger person. Though I wish I could've save my children from the pain and darkness of those years, we all made it and life has began to shine with the sun again. We're in a good place now. That's what matters.

Elizabeth Twist said...

L.G.: double :( on that. It is hard.

Traci: Glad you came through a troubling time and things are better for you and your kids now.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I'm glad you came back to writing, and that you didn't die.

Sherry Ellis said...

I guess we all have regrets. We learn and move on. Glad you're still writing!