12 March 2012

Seven Things that Often Cross My Mind

Day whatever of Two Weeks of Reflection: Seven things that often cross your mind.

Straight from my internal monologue:

I should vacuum.

Do I really have time to vacuum? No. Didn't think so.

Where's the dog?  (He likes to sneak off and sleep in stealthy places, like under a pile of blankets.)

There should be more sacrifice in this story. Somebody's gotta lose an eye (or arm, or loved one...).

Stretch, relax, focus; stretch, relax, focus. (That one's mostly about tai chi, but not entirely.)

I suck.

I am awesome.


Deborah Walker said...

*laughs* vacuum? What is?

Annie Neugebauer said...

I love it. I think these things too, although replace "dog" with "cat." =)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I used to have this thing where I could not write unless all my housework was done and everything was spotless. As if writing was some kind of indulgence. I'm glad I got over that. If you ever have a throwing-of-vacuum-out-the-window party, I'm in.