11 March 2012

Five Million Dollars

You win five million in the lottery. How, specifically, do you spend (or save) each dollar?

Easy: I would build a centre for natural healing and the internal martial arts, where people could come, stay, learn, and heal.

This would also double as a writing retreat. I've already drawn up the floor plan. It involves cosy little dorm rooms, each with a bed and desk, each one with a view of the woods or open field, and large central hall with a huge wood stove, giant windows that could be removed in favour of screens in summer, with room for a big table for evening discussion and meals.

I would build it on our family land, 98 acres, that my grandfather bought for my grandmother for $100 back in the 1940s.

Your dogs would be most welcome there.

I would build it here:

Just a little to the right of that huge conifer.

I would spend as much time as I could here, working on becoming as self-sufficient as possible, while soaking in the incredible energies of the pristine wilderness. If no one wanted to come, I would write and practice.

Basically, it would be my life right now, but with more trees, more wilderness, less time spent in the city, a few more chickens, a lot more foraging, planting, and harvesting, and more selective socializing.

(p.s. Wouldn't you love to write here?)


Cynthia said...

What a fun idea for a post. I'd love to visit that writing retreat. Does it come with a jacuzzi too?

Unknown said...

If I had the money ... after I took care of the necessaries (of course) I'd build a hobbit hole. And actually it would be for my father, not me, but I'd visit often. It would be environmentally friendly with its grass roof and under-hill insulation, but more than that, my father has always been fascinated by how absolutely organic all the shapes inside a hobbit hole are, all those round doors and curved walls. I think it quite likely has to be very pleasant. ... though we'd make the ceilings a bit higher!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Sounds perfect, with one addition a shelter for abused animals. Nothing better than humans and animals healing spirits together. (Hugs)Indigo

Elizabeth Twist said...

@ Cynthia: thanks to you, I discovered that you can purchase a traditional Japanese soaker tub made of cedar, with a wood stove heating system. An hour or two of wood burning gets you a mega-hot bath. WANT! (We are off the grid at the cottage, so you have to do what you can with the little things like heat and light.)

@Eileen: Perfect! I'm sure he would love it.

@Indigo: Agreed. Absolutely. Perfection.

Sue Ann Bowling said...

I think I'd go for transportation in the dark. Alaska's great for inspiration, but there are times I want to get someplace (like the ice park when it's lit up) and I can't because I can't see to drive when it's dark. More generally, some way to help all who for one reason or another can't use the road network we all pay for.

Traci Kenworth said...

Sounds like my dream place!!