06 March 2012

The Fantasy Writer Guy Challenge: Two Weeks of Reflection

The diabolical yet delightful Fantasy Writer Guy has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to two weeks of reflection. The assignments seem to operate on a scale of Fun to Yikes.

The idea is you post an answer per day. These are fun exercises, people. Some of them are also yikes exercises. I reckon if you want to participate in the challenge, the thing to do is hop over to FWG's post about it and add your two cents to the comments there. IT STARTS TOMORROW DO NOT HESITATE JOIN US JOIN USSSSSS!

(Uh, if you're reading this after March 7, you know, you could still do the challenge. Probably.)

Unconvinced? Behold the juiciness:

Day 1: Wednesday March 7: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Day 2: Thursday March 8: Nine things about yourself that might surprise people who think they know you.

Day 3: Friday March 9: Eight people who mean a lot to you and why (in no particular order).

Day 4: Saturday March 10: List your "desert island" top 20 music albums, or whatever number works for you, preferably in order! Should anthologies qualify? You decide.

Day 5: Sunday March 11: You win five million in the lottery. How, specifically, do you spend (or save) each dollar?

Day 6: Monday March 12: Seven things that often cross your mind.

Day 7: Tuesday March 13: Six things you wish you’d never done.

Day 8: Wednesday March 14: Five ways to win your heart.

Day 9: Thursday March 15: Four turn-ons (interpret as you wish).

Day 10: Friday March 16: Three turn-offs.

Day 11: Saturday March 17: Build your dream home. Describe it room by room.

Day 12: Sunday March 18: Describe your ultimate perfect weekend from Friday night through Sunday.

Day 13: Monday March 19: Two images that describe your life right now and why

Day 14: Tuesday March 20: One confession.


Deborah Walker said...

Cool. I'm looking forward to you answers, Elizabeth.

Folly Blaine said...

Looks like fun. I'm not sure I'd be up for it, but I'll happily follow along.