15 March 2012

Four Turn-Ons

Disclaimer: Again, not a personal ad, just another assignment via Fantasy Writer Guy's Two Weeks of Reflection. If anybody out there wants to write or has written something featuring a character who has these qualities, I'd like to know.

No apologies, no explanations, just the facts:







Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Cool. So are you dreading the One Confession yet? I have no idea what mine will be yet...

Elizabeth Twist said...

"Forgive me, Fantasy Writer Guy, for I have sinned..." No clue. I'll try to cook up something juicy, but I fear it will just be lame.

Sherry Ellis said...

Love the rebellion picture. Too funny!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Cruelty crops up in almost all of my writing (my blog is strangely immune to this). Cruelty is the basis for a character finding things out about themselves, or becomes the tangent from which a character survives.

Why? From my experience (I realize this isn't true for a lot of people). There are far more monsters in human guise than we realize. I've just gotten...good at recognizing them. Not only that, there is something to be said for watching a character find something within themselves that supersedes cruelty.(Hugs)Indigo

Traci Kenworth said...

Cruelty falls into the realm of the villain I'm writing at the moment. It's what makes up his core. Outside, he's fun and alluring, inside, he's pure entrapment.