21 March 2012

I Accidentally the Whole Thing

Today yesterday was the day for our final post on the Two Weeks of Reflection challenge: one confession.

Yeah. Confession implies I have some kind of hidden bit of info, but honestly I feel as though after the last couple of weeks, it's all pretty much out there, you know? This may sound like finking out, but I honestly don't have anything that feels like a confession left to say, especially in the context of a blog. I mean, what?

Internet, when I was twelve I borrowed ten dollars from your purse and I never put it back.

Internet, I cheated on you with television.

Internet, I chopped down the cherry tree.

If you're looking for a great confession, go over to Fantasy Writer Guy's place and read what he has to say about his sexual orientation. (p.s. FWG, you might experience a slight bump in your page views.)

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by here to witness this display of exhibitionism. I've got a whole lot more where this came from. Next up: I'll be Lucky Sevening.

I also want to thank Mark for rewarding me with the Versatile Blogger award. I'll post more about it soon, but check out the badass version of the badge he's posted:

Yes, please.


Deborah Walker said...

It's been a fun two week, Elizabeth.

Mark K said...

Ooh... ooh, Elizabeth, just had a name for that broken skull idea of yours: 'The Nog Fest' :)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Thanks for playing along! I really wanted to comment on every one of your posts but usually I had nothing specific to say except for "great post!"

Anways... Great posts!

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, Debs!

Elizabeth Twist said...

Ha ha. We need to put that together. With prizes, or something. Sugar skulls and...something. Let's put our broken pates together and cogitate.

Elizabeth Twist said...

I like to think that you and others were simply dumbfounded by my honesty and brilliance. It was a fun exercise, and reminded me that profit can be had in treating your blog a little more like an online journal.

Mark K said...

I wholeheartedly agree, but make it so prestigious that you really have to be, or have done something very special to get a nomination/award.

I can see it now--folks will be banging their heads together in the hope of qualifying for the soon-to-be-coveted 'Nog Fest Award'!

*a roll of thunder would be appreciated right about now*

Mark K said...

... And 'Badass'? Elizabeth. Seriously, are you going gangsta on me? I'm starting to worry!

Traci Kenworth said...

I'll be staying around...

Elizabeth Twist said...

Badass. That's right. I said it.

How about a thunderous roar of applause, figuratively speaking? Let's keep pondering our options here.

Elizabeth Twist said...