30 November 2011

Six Digits

Earlier today, I made it across the NaNoWriMo double challenge finish line in two ways: one, I made it a little bit past 100k (100489 words). Two, I wrote the final scene of my novel. What I have feels like a well structured extremely elaborate outline of what could be a good novel someday. This is the first time I've managed a novel length piece without having it fall to pieces.

This evening, I took myself off to Wafflepalooza, our local NaNo region's way of celebrating the final day of the month, and I had a very tasty waffle.

Now, I feel like I could use the help of this little girl. Anyone know if she's taking new clients?

crazy parenting fails - Taking Dad For a Walk
Via Parenting Fails - though I would call this a parenting win.


Dante's Heart said...

That is a work of beauty! She must have been raised with the Zombie Attack Barbie:

Congratulations on the successful NaNoWriMo finish, and also on the waffle! Reading your post, I wanted to both cheer and go dig my waffle-maker out of the closet. It has been so long since I've had a good waffle...

In all seriousness, closing the final scene is a remarkable moment.

Stant Litore

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Omigosh you not only hit 50K you doubled it! So impressive, congratulations on this accomplishment!

Trisha said...

Awesome job on reaching 100k AND finishing your novel!! You are awesome!

I want a waffle now. With ice cream!

farawayeyes said...

Finishing a novel in a month is awesome whatever the word count. YEAH!

I won at NaNo, with 84k words but fell short of the second goal - to finish the novel. I need about 6 - 8 more chapters. I'll do it,as soon as I finish procrastinating on the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've been a bit too busy Nano-ing myself to keep up with your blog... :( But it's great that there's loads of new stuff to catch up on!