21 November 2011


My current inspiration:

The Burning Times is a remarkable documentary. While some of the claims of its experts have been called into question, it is radically subversive in many ways. This style of feminism, with its focus on recovering women's history and highlighting the deep misogyny of our culture, has long since gone out of style (if it ever was in style?), much to my consternation. As hokey as some aspects of neopaganism are, I think Donna Read and her team make a strong effort to sensitize us to the horrors of what they call "the women's holocaust."

About five minutes in, there's also this bit of weirdness. This guy deserves his own short story, or maybe a cameo in a novel.



Red Tash said...

Greetings, madam. Have you received your modest prize yet?

Congrats on winning Nano!

Red Tash said...

Linking to you tonight in my #WW Eve post.

Deborah Walker said...

Very interesting. I'm glad it's providing inspiration, Elizabeth.