18 November 2008

NaNoWriMo Day Seventeen

Word Count: 28920
Demonic inversions of the miracle play: 1
Staged crucifixions that are real crucifixions: 3
Instances of heart munching: 2

Chris Baty and sundry NaNoWriMo cheerleaders claim that things get easier once you clear 30k words. I have to say that although I enjoyed the 20k zone, I can see that things are getting easier now.

Because this project isn't just a daily word count any more. It's a book in waiting. It's a commitment.

Driving to tai chi this morning, I thought about the book after this one, and the one after that. (It's a series.) Likewise, I thought about my NaNo novel: the section after the one I'm writing, and the two sections to follow. I've been thinking about writing this project for such a long time, but only in the last few days has it begun to feel like something I will actually do. My feeling about it has changed from an amused speculative mode to an anticipation of setting my pen to the page and getting it all down. Of shaping it and surprising myself with how it all shakes out.

There's a tangible difference between a dream and a goal. Both are important to have, of course, but it feels so very good to be working toward something real and concrete. To be bringing an idea into the world.

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