14 April 2016

Lovely day, bright and warm. First walk of the year in short sleeves. I took water and snacks, so I could stay out a little longer. The trails are dry now. Just a bit of mud on my pant cuffs.

I found more circles, in an open green space tucked among the trees. Never been there before. A small private paradise. Beautiful!

I did check myself for bruises yesterday, after Celia left. I found one small one on the back of my calf. I must have hit a rock when I fell. Funny, it looks just like a tiny handprint!


Alyssa Cormier said...


Vapid Vixen said...

I just read through the last few posts to figure what in the hale was going on. Very clever starting each with the letter of the day. And 100 each? Dedication and thought! Well done. :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Vapid Vixen: Well it does help to read from the beginning of the month. I'm glad you took the time. Thank you!

@Alyssa: :/