05 April 2016

Down by the creek bed, I found another circle, five feet across, in a flat hollow spot. Couldn't miss it. The snow is melting. The ground underneath is thick with mud. Whoever left the footprints pressed the snow down, staining it. 

Celia thinks I shouldn't go for these walks. She wants me to attend fitness classes at the Seniors Centre. I need to be out, in the fresh air, not splashing around in some pool, while a cute young thing urges me not to hurt myself.

Celia doesn't like me going down there. I think she's jealous of the woods. 


Jan Morrison said...

Boy! I`m loving this. I`ll be back. Such a delicious feel to the story.

Cerulean Blue said...

This one I like best so far! By and by we get some decent hints about who is talking to us and how it feels to be that person... Hooked now!

Mark K said...

Loving it immensely :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Jan, Thank you for reading my little entries. I am hoping they help me understand Celia.

@Cerulean: I adore the word "cerulean." It's like an ocean, a big open sky, a perfect word for a perfect colour.

@Mark: I'm glad you're enjoying reading, but I do find this whole situation incredibly vexing.