27 February 2012

Things that Will Make You Happy Unless You're Dead Inside

Via This is Not Porn
This is not porn: this is pure beauty. Gorgeous, off-kilter, candid, and surprising photos of celebrities.

"The late fees had reached the point where the injustice of paying any more than I already owed outweighed my apathy. I considered just keeping the movies and never going to the video store again, but then I remembered that I still wanted to re-watch Jumanji."
Allie of Hyperbole and a Half writes and draws about depression achingly, tragically, and triumphantly.

Matt Cardin's Teeming Brain brings you Joseph Campbell's idea of a global mythology, along with an incredible new video of time-lapsed images taken with low-light cameras from the International Space Station in 2011.

Neil Gaiman's "A Study in Emerald," dressed up like a Victorian newspaper, is for those of you who have always wondered why there aren't more Sherlock Holmes / Cthulhu mashups.  (p.s. if you need more, there is the anthology in which Gaiman's story first appeared: Shadows Over Baker Street)


Deborah Walker said...

Those are totally awesome links. Thanks Elizabeth. And I'm relieved that Im not dead.

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Mark K said...

Thank you for joining me at the hearth. I hope you enjoy your stay :)
Looking through your blog I see some very exciting things for me to read through, of which I'm looking forward.

Kind regards