14 February 2012

11 Semi-Random Answers to 11 Random Questions

My new friend, fellow campaigner, and fantasy and horror writer Angeline Trevena (who is also our new best hope for an accurate and effective dick joke evaluation scale) has tagged me to answer eleven questions. Thanks, Angeline!

1 Do you like your handwriting? 

A German who is unknown to me once read a letter I wrote to my best friend Wendy and said, "Wow, that handwriting is like a Victorian cityscape." I therefore feel duty bound to love my handwriting.

2 If you were another person, would you be friends with you? 

If I were another person who is also me, like a clone or evil twin or something, I think I would be friends with me, if only because I could then enact every Shakespeare twin plot in real life. Making people fall for me and then substituting my twin! Strategic cross dressing in order to infiltrate gender specific scenarios! Losing one of us at sea only to find each other years later and cause untold mayhem! It would be awesome.

3 Do you still have your tonsils? 

Nope. I am of the generation where you got a couple of throat infections and they whipped 'em out.

4 Scary movies or happy endings? 

Either way. In movies, I like both. In books, I find unambiguously happy endings feel a little fake.

5 What technology scares you? 

Almost all of it. GMO foods, fracking, vaccines, pharmaceuticals. Not to mention crowd control devices, subliminal advertising, groupthink, and Trump's hairpiece.  

It's enough to make you miss the days of old school, frivolous uses of technology, like fluoroscopes (x-ray machines) that used to be a standard fixture in shoe stores.

6 What's your favourite item of clothing and why?

A black wool beret. It is cute, it keeps me warm in winter, and I bought it for a dollar at a used clothing store.

7 What's the next planned event you're looking to in your life?

Buying a house and moving into it. The timing isn't locked down, but the plan is in place. After a million years of being a renter, I can't wait to own my own place.

8 Are you more comfortable in someone else home if it is messy or very tidy?

Messy. Very tidy people intimidate me. I fear that I will screw up their perfection by sullying it with my mere presence.

9 What in today's society do you feel should be free but is not?

Heath care and dental care. In Canada health care is mostly free. I am lucky to live here. Needing medical treatment and not having access to it is just a crazy nightmare. It should be the same everywhere. Ditto for dental care. Look after your teeth, kids!

10 If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

I have no idea. I've recently realized that every five or six years, I look back and can barely recognize myself, and I realize how ignorant and unwise I was. I expect this trend will continue, so being older will always be better until I hit some kind of cognitive decline. So, eighty-eight? Ninety-two? Whenever I start to get stupid again.

11 What would you name the autobiography of your life?

No clue, so I flipped through options on this Random Book Title Generator. I don't know what kind of book would go with these, but I enjoyed The Woman in the Husband, Voyagers of Kiss and Sharp Secret. (Actually, I really like Sharp Secret as a story or book title. Anyone feel like brainstorming?)

Thanks again, Angeline! That was fun.

Here are eleven questions for YOU.

Feel free to tag yourself. Leave a comment to this post with a link to your responses: I am dying to know what you answer!

I'm tagging these folks specifically:
Kelda Crich
Alex Villasante
Jay Noel
Jen Filipowicz
Jacob Adams
Fantasy Writer Guy
David Powers King
Stella Atrium (O how I love your name, Stella Atrium!)
Jennifer Baker Henry
Cherie Reich
Alberta Ross

My questions for you:

1. What are you reading?
2. What is your favourite creative activity that is not writing?
3. Where or how do you get your best ideas?
4. If you could magically and painlessly change one thing about your mind or body, what would it be, if anything?
5. What's the scariest movie, story, novel, or scene you can recall?
6. What's the weirdest thing you believe?
7. Super strength or super intelligence?
8. You're granted the ability to become invisible. Where do you go and what do you do? (Bonus question: are you wearing clothes? I mean, what about YOUR becoming invisible makes your clothes invisible too? This has always bothered me.)
9. What one change do you think would have the most positive impact on the world as a whole?
10. What is the crappiest advice you've ever been given?
11. What's your favourite song right now?


Cherie Reich said...

Thanks for tagging me. Great answers to the questions. I think I'm going to have to answer quite a few questions on Saturday, perhaps. :)

MISH said...

Hi Elizabeth - I'm popping in from the Writers' Platform-Building Campaign. We're together in the Short Stories Group. Looking forward to reading your campaign posts!

PT Dilloway said...

Thank for sharing.

Beth Overmyer said...

I'm with you on Trump's hairpiece. I think he should just go semi-bald and live with it. Or, better yet, shave it all off. Yes, take the hair off and BURN IT so he can't auction it off for charity. That would just be... well, not wrong exactly, but really REALLY freaky!

My veri word is: calonjou. Sounds like a country of old... or a type of melon...

Super Happy Jen said...

Interesting meme, with the questions changing every time. I like your answer to #2, and I think X-ray machines in shoe stores is a great idea!

Traci Kenworth said...

Great blog. Popping in from the campaign!!

Jay Noel said...

I just posted my 11 answers to your 11 semi-random questions!!!

Trump doesn't wear a headpiece! I was shocked too. He actually lifted his hair up during an interview (with whom, I can't remember. Maybe Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer) and yanked it. It was real hair!!!!

David P. King said...

I appreciate the tag. Thank you! It was awesome getting to know a little more about you, too! :)

Alex Villasante said...

Thanks for tagging me - what great answers. I will post mine next week. Just as soon as I come up with some good lies, erm, answers.
By the way, what a great word fluoroscope is, right? better than xray.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the tag Elizabeth! I hope my answer prove to be somewhat interesting at least.

*High five* that healthcare and dental care should be free. US can learn something from the UK and Canada. It's such a shame that basic rights to be healthy are something we have to pay for, increasingly.

That title generator sounds interesting, but 'The Woman in the Husband' odd title indeed.

Good luck with the house purchase! I hope you find something you fall in love with.

See you more during the Campaign.

Take care!

Spanj said...

Ha ha ha! I laughed my head off when I read your little intro to me! I totally have to have that written on my gravstone!

Selah Janel said...

Oh my god, you kill me. Love these answers! And I totally feel you with health/dental care...some days it feels like I'll never get a start on life because I have to keep paying in the off chance I fall apart like a defective robot. I actually had a nightmare last night where like my apendix spontaneously burst and my skull caved in, and I totally woke up and had to fight the urge to go check my policy, lol.

Super Happy Jen said...

I finally answered your questions!

Deborah Walker said...

Oohh, thanks Elizabeth. This is good fun. I'm back from my mini-break so that's why I'm a bit slow on responding.

I'll have a stab later answering your questions, for sure.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Hi Mish! Nice to meet you.

Heya, Patrick. Nice as always to see that bulldog grin.

Jedi Jay further down the thread notes that Trump's hairpiece is...actual hair. Can you believe it, Beth? I believe it. I can see that it's some kind of elaborate comb-over. I would be willing to bet it's achieved some kind of sentience.

Alex, I always want to type "flouroscope" instead of "fluoroscope."

Selah, that is a terrible nightmare.

Theresa Small Sneed said...

Very nice! Oooo, I wish I had time to answer the questions - I'm kind of behind in "meeting" everyone! But I LOVED your interview! I'm in your group for Rachael's 4th campaign ~ Glad to meet you! ~Theresa Sneed, author of No Angel and its forthcoming prequel, From Heaven to Earth

Rebekah Loper said...

Hi there, I'm popping in from the Fantasy group at the campaign!

I am NOT going to tag myself, since I've been tagged five times so far. But I really enjoyed reading your answers, you made me laugh and smile :)

Alex Villasante said...

took me a while (being a bear of little brain) but finally answered elizabeth's 11 questions. thanks for tagging me! here's my list: