25 June 2018


Lots of talk among my fellow writers in the past little while about process. One thing is clear: what works for some of us doesn't work for others. And we've each had to figure out what does work on our own.

It's a hidden quality of this whole writing gig, I think? Figuring out how to make words go. Figuring out what to do with them when you've got them.

What's more, I can't speak for you but I can sure say my process has changed over the past five years. I used to be an over-writer: so many more words on the page than I needed to tell the story I was trying to tell. Lately, I've been surprised to find my first drafts on the leaner side, in need of feeding up, fleshing out. This isn't universally true, though. Sometimes I look at a thing I've done and I know I want to thin it out, simplify, make it cleaner, more aesthetically sparing.


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