26 February 2016


I've often sighed audibly and lamented the fact that there are not enough opportunities for writers to just...fight each other. To battle it out in the pit, UFC style. If the end of the world as we know it would mean that someone would instantly erect the Thunderdome, I would be all for it.

In the meantime,


It's a really cool thing, and has been going on for a while, and is only getting cooler. Follow #writeclub2016 for updates!


Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry for doubting you last night about the number of accepted contestants. Apparently the schedule of bouts is much more complicated than we thought:
Round 1: 15 one on one matches
Round 2: 5 "Cage matches" featuring 3 contestants each, narrowing the field to 5!
Round 3: The 5 winners from round 2, plus a mysterious wild card.
Round 4: The 3 winners from round 3, plus a mysterious wild card.
Round 5: Final championship.

Good luck!

Elizabeth Twist said...

I told you there was a flow chart! It's certainly an intense schedule!