07 September 2014


I am still here and still writing and trying to sub more. It's been a busy summer for me. I've finally figured out a couple of ways to promote my other, non-writing business that are comfortable and don't feel like crazy self-sacrifice.

In the name of trying to get better at not burning myself out, I've been trying to make sure I rest. While in the past I've defined "rest" as "getting enough sleep," this summer has been a time when it's felt very necessary to take breaks and let myself bottom right out from time to time by not trying to do more / relaxing and just doing fun stuff. Especially that has meant letting myself just enjoy narrative and relish the crunchy goodness that other writers have to offer.

A couple-three weeks ago I followed a circuitous route (mostly via higherfunction's tumblr) into the fandom that follows / fics / combs through every detail of BBC's Sherlock series. It's an excellent show; if you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly. Combing through the fandom is amazing because there is so much division. Never have I seen people so divided on the ultimate meaning of a show or any piece of media. I don't think I could do a good job of summarizing the numerous splits and byways and diversities of opinion, much less the tons of reasons people seem to find the show so intriguing. I've been re-watching the series and having so many opinions about it myself. I fell so hard down this rabbit hole that I made a tumblr to get my thoughts on it out, if you're interested at all in any way it's here:

I'll probably blog other pop culture stuff over there.

Bottom line, I'm excited to be excited about something that someone else made? It makes me want to make more of my own stuff and get it out there. Writing is hard. It's all hard, but we love it, right?


Andrew Leon said...

Steven Moffat may be the best writer in television,, right now. If you like Sherlock, you should check out Jekyll. And he's pretty much responsible for bringing back Dr. Who, too.

I could do without the thorny whips.

Elizabeth Twist said...

I think the Moffat / Gatniss combo is what makes Sherlock good. I've been an intermittent Whovian; will definitely check out Jekyll.

The thorny whips are my favourite part.

Deborah Walker said...

I have mixed feelings about Sherlock. The characters, fabulous of course. But the ending to the last series, not great.

I'm glad you took some time for yourself. You've got to enjoy the ride in this game.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Hi Debs! I had mixed feelings about it too until I started trying to pick it apart and understand it. My current conclusion is that either the creators made some terrible mistakes or the show is doing something very interesting. Yes, not much of a conclusion at all.

I am getting better at knowing when I have had too much and need to bottom out completely. I would love to be always up for writing but my other work is pretty demanding sometimes and I get drained right down. At least I feel it now? I used to push through it and that is a recipe for all kinds of things no one wants.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I thought this was so funny!
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