09 April 2014


Okay braniacs: your definition for the day. "Euphotic" is the name for the zone of the ocean (or a lake) exposed to enough sunlight for photosynthesis to occur. It is also the most beautiful word that is also an underwater term that I could use for today's animation.

In case you missed the previous installments:
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Andrew Leon said...

Poor elephant!

Anonymous said...

I remember this from visiting tide pools on field trips when I was young.

M. J. Joachim

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Unknown said...

I love the gif! It's really imaginative and cute. I doubt I'll remember the word though, but that's not because of your choice - just my sieve-like memory. ;)

Unknown said...

These posts are fun!

stefani said...

Will the poor little elephant float all the way back up to the top?

Loving these animations! :-)

Stefani @ Dreams of Nyssa

Deborah Walker said...

Oh these animations are fabulous. And great for inspirations. Great job, Elizabeth