06 May 2013


If you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer all the way through and loved Spike as much as me, chances are you'll remember "effulgent."

I'm pleased to report that I have spotted "effulgent" in the wild, in John Metcalfe's 1925 story "The Smoking Leg," along with a nearly identical word of similar meaning, "refulgent." Best purple prose I've read in a long while. "The Smoking Leg" is secretly hilarious, deliciously critical of the European colonial project and its ultimately self-destructive tendencies. Plus: effulgent.


Mina Lobo said...

I heart the idea of something being "secretly hilarious." :-D

I missed the boat on Buffy when it was in its heyday. Only last year did I start watching repeats on Chiller (how I miss Chiller since I moved last September!). I didn't quite finish the series. I think the last ep I watched when Buffy tells Spike they're done...this was the penultimate series, I think? It broke my heart to see Spike so desolate, and it was the very day of my move, which messed me up a bit as well, so I've not gone back to Hulu to finish it...maybe I will when I'm in a happier place.
Some Dark Romantic

Deborah Walker said...

Fantastic. How did he do that without laughting: effulgent.