06 April 2012

Fanfic and the Face of Glory

My friends, I have passed a strange milestone in my writing career. It is not one that I expected to pass quite this early, if ever, and certainly not before I published at least a book-length work.

I have inspired fanfic.

See, a while ago, a certain pink-haired goddess named Mrs. Cookie Mick got in touch with me about the story I published in One Buck Horror, "The Last Nephew." She had a bit of an objection to the open-endedness of that story and proposed a solution:
I paused for a moment or two. What do I think about fanfiction? I've never written any, but I've read a bit here and there. (Dear K/S slashers, you are perverted and you are still my favourites.)

What did I think about having a fanfiction written based on my story? I thought "woohoo!" Seriously, how fun is that?

Mrs. Cookie wrote me soon after with the banner art she (and her co-author, I think) had designed:

Yes, that's Haley Joel Osment in the upper righthand corner.

And a little while ago they posted their first chapter at The Writer's Coffee Shop Library. (You have to register to read it.) It's taking the narrative in a whole new direction and building a mythology of magic around it. I have to say it's really, really cool to see how something I wrote inspired someone else. Seriously, super cool.

On to the researchy goodness portion of the program:

The Face of Glory
Also known as Kīrttimukha, the face of a lion-headed monster which embodied the destructive power of the universal god. It was the only part which survived his self-consumption. The Face of Glory has become a symbol of protective wrath, but does not inspire fear in the Hindau devotee.

More info on Kīrttimukha 

The face of a lion-headed monster, created by Shiva when he was challenged by Jalamdhara It embodies the powers of the universal god. The ravenous monster intended to devour Rāhu but when he was deprived of his prey, Shiva suggested he feed on his own flesh. He started with his hands and feet, then his arms and legs, belly, chest, and neck until finally only the head remained. Shiva declared that the head would be known as Kīrttimukha, the Face of Glory, and object of worship. It was placed on the lintels of Shiva's temple and as guardian of thresholds.
From Encyclopedia Mythica

Jyostna Kamat of Kamat's Potpourri compares the Face of Glory to the green man motif in English church architecture. She also notes,
Every Hindu temple has the face of lion at the apex entrance carved artistically. This lion-face appears at the top of the door, niche, and windows as well. The countenances of man and lion are fused and it is also know as Simhamuka or Simhalalata. It is supposed to lead worshippers to Supreme Reality.
A common view of the Face is that it has a warding effect, like an anti evil eye.



Pa Ul said...

interesting post about fantasy and face of glory
do check out my E or F at GAC a-z

Amanda Heitler said...

Kirttimukha does not seem to have been the brightest spark. "I can't eat the world, but you think I should eat myself? Ooh, good plan - thanks Shiva!"

This is real primal grassroots myth with the gloves off.

MOV said...


Cool post! will be back to check out more. :)


Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth Twist said...

I am a bit confused about how one would go about eating one's own lower jaw, but whatevs. It's a great story.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, MOV!

Bluestocking said...

Inspiring fanfic already? Very cool. I think that's why a lot of people write -- to inspire others, however that inspiration takes shape.

nutschell said...

That is awesome! For you to inspire fanfic rocks!


Catherine Stine said...

Hi, this is some cool info, and congrats on inspiring some fan fiction! I'm visiting from A to Z. Stop on by if you like! #640 at Catherine Stine's Idea City. I write YA sci-fi and spec fiction.

Anonymous said...

I love fanfiction. Well, fanfiction that still follows the rules of original fiction: proper spelling, punctuation, etc. It's interesting what different people can spin on the same story.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Isn't that crazy? It's so weird how this whole writing thing comes together.

I guess I like to think of writing as entering into a dialogue - with the stories that came before, and the stories yet to be told.

Elizabeth Twist said...

I think so! Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth Twist said...

Hi Catherine! Nice to meet you. I'll stop by yours shortly.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Fanfic is its own art form, I think. Agreed on spelling, punctuation and grammar, but you know, it depends on the intention. If it's for fun, it should be fun without too much pressure.

Judy said...

I'm not familiar with fanfic but seems like I'm in the minority. I'll have to learn more :)

Judy said...

I'm not familiar with fanfic but seems like I'm in the minority. I'll have to learn more :)

Judy said...

I'm not familiar with fanfic but seems like I'm in the minority. I'll have to learn more :)

Sarah Tokeley said...

I love that you have inspired fanfic. This is awesome :-)