07 May 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful: Wicked & Tricksy

Are you following the ever insightful Margo Lerwill, the super savvy S.B. Stewart-Laing, the maximally effervescent Sommer Leigh, and the microbially fascinating Claudie A.? I've been dropping in on these fabulous writers for a while now. They all write speculative fiction, and share some very sharp insights via their blogs. They are about to combine their superpowers into one awesome, all-mighty online resource for aspiring genre writers. I give you:

Wicked & Tricksy

The details:

We seek to provide resources for fellow aspiring writers on writing craft and theory. While we focus on all things speculative fiction, there will be plenty of craft talk for writers of any genre to use. We hope to create a community of aspiring writers who can share ideas, ask hard questions, and offer insights we as individual writers may not have had access to otherwise.

The site launches on May 9th. That is so soon! We all know the kind of effort and planning that goes into making a regularly updated resource like Wicked & Tricksy happen. I plan to stop by regularly once the site is up. Can't wait.


Unknown said...

Ohh can't wait to see this. Have the launch date marked on my calendar!

Deborah Walker said...

That sounds wonderful. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Jessica Silva said...

Very fun! I'll check it out when it launches :D

Claudie A. said...

Ooh, thanks for the post, Elizabeth! :D Launch is in less than three hours, and I can't wait!