13 March 2011

Hey Hey Hey - It's Fat Albert!

I's me! Jessica, aka Witless Exposition, over at Cerebral Lunchbox, has posted a short but pithy interview she did with me as part of the Writers' Crusade. Go read it. It's Elizabeth Twist, coming at you with music and fun, and if you're not careful, you might learn something before it's done!


Unknown said...

wow. Bill Cosby looks crazy young in that. And fit.

Julie Musil said...

Awesome interview! And LOVED Fat Albert!

Elizabeth Twist said...

@ Eileen: check out this possible high school yearbook picture!

@Julie: Thanks! Jessica's questions were great and fun to answer.

The Fat Albert theme song takes me down memory lane. I don't remember much about the cartoon itself, but the theme song has stood the test of time, I think. Somebody make more music just like it, stat!