22 February 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

Another dump of snow here in southern Ontario over the weekend. I understand that elsewhere things got pretty hectic in terms of the weather (sorry to hear about the ice storm, Eileen). 

I know that more snow at this point is basically a big, wintry purple nurple for all of us. Believe you me, "it's so pretty" just isn't cutting it any more. Sure, it's pretty, but you know what else is pretty? Spring! Flowers! Little singing birds and dancing butterflies!

But we shall overcome. You know what made me feel better, and possibly even invited me to weep for the joy of it all? This compilation of a bunch of people seeing snow for the first time ever, via Becca's guest post at Videogum.

Happy rest of winter, everybody.


Unknown said...

I love that video! I think the best one is the girl looking out the window and the woman with all the dark hair who's saying "so is this what snow's like?" and bringing the cameraman fistfuls of it to look at. :)

Kerri Cuev said...

Winter can't end fast enough! I want the warm and sun! Soon, right?

Golden Eagle said...

That's a great video! :)

J E Fritz said...

I'm soooo sick of snow. Every time it warms up a little, another blizzard comes. Enough now, please.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Spring is on the way, folks! Less than a month until equinox. Then it's all downhill into green grass and pretty little flowers everywhere. (I guess this is a terrible time to mention pollen season, right?)

Cleveland said...

I grew up in the southern U.S. I live in Indiana now. I HATE SNOW! That is all. :)

Autumn Shelley said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by! I love that I may have found a "fellow plague enthusiast" tell me more??
Being a hardy mid-western girl you should have to endure the lovely state of Tx. I nearly died when they cancelled school due to the (mere) threat of freezing weather! (Trust me, if another ice age occurs, Texans will be the first species to become extinct!) Ah, my interesting life experiences! Looking forward to more!