04 April 2016

Celia took me to the doctor today. I don't understand why I needed to go. I really am fine. I walk every day. At least, I do when I'm not stuck in some waiting room.

I suspect Celia might be a hypochondriac.

The doctor asked me to draw a clock, of all things. I asked her if she needed to go back to kindergarten, if she couldn't remember what a clock looked like. No one else thought that was funny.

By the time we finished lunch, it was 2pm.

"I suppose you'll miss your walk today," Celia said. The nerve!  


Mark K said...

Just gets better and better - keep it comin' :)

Alyssa Cormier said...

One sassy daughter. <.<

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thank you Mark. I am finding that I am really enjoying writing these posts. I have to vent somewhere!

Alyssa, she can really be a pill.