01 April 2016

A strange discovery in the woods today: footprints in the snow, tracing a circle about three feet in diameter. Not left by a child: the boots were large, the treads as thick as the ones on mine.

The snow still falls, and is deep, despite the fact that it is, technically, spring.

The footprints overlapped, tracing the same circle over and over, in a clear patch to the side of the trail. I admit I stood and stared at it for a long time.

Who would do that? Who would step in a circle like that?

I might never know. 


Anonymous said...

Great job! Love your writing!

Unknown said...

Good post -original!

Alyssa Cormier said...

I wouldn't step in the circle. I'm weirdly suspicious.

Ravyne said...

Oooo intriguing! I agree with Alyssa.. I wouldn't go into that circle either! Looking forward to more!
Have a great weekend!

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Mark K said...

I love it - economy of words is not my strong point, but you, ma'am, have it nailed :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Jason. Thank you! It's a new experiment for me.

@A. J. I don't know about original. I am writing this for myself.

@Alyssa Why do you say that? Do you know something I don't?

@Ravyne I really don't see what the problem is. It didn't seem like there was any issue.

@Mark: Thank you! I'm playing a game with these posts. Hint: count the words.