15 March 2012

Three Turn-Offs

Closing in on the end of Two Weeks of Reflection. Since it's a low number and we are so often defined by what we loathe, I invite everybody to chime in.





Bad grammar.

Via Cyanide and Happiness


Mark K said...

Your partner farts in bed then wonders why you spurn their advances.



Traci Kenworth said...

Narcissism is the worst. Self-involved people often miss the roses in life due to their tunnel-focus.

Spanj said...

I love honest people, but I hate people who are just rude. And people who think they're better than everyone else.

By the way, I've tagged you in the Lucky 7 Meme over at my blog.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Do you especially dislike blow-hards who wear their pants drawn all the way up to their necks?

Elizabeth Twist said...

@FWG: Onesies are a problem no matter how you slice it.

@Angeline: Awesome. I will meme away shortly.

@Traci: Narcissism has been one of the great destructive forces in my life. I've learned a lot through my interactions with narcissists.

@Mark: that is harsh. Everyone has gas from time to time. BS and unreliability I can get behind as bad traits.