09 March 2012

Eight (Types of) People Who Mean a Lot to Me and Why

The o-fish-o assignment for today is:

Eight people who mean a lot to you and why.

For the sake of protecting the innocent, the guilty, and those whose names I can't remember, I'm revising this assignment yet again.

I give you eight categories of people who mean a lot to me and why:

The Folks
Family is great, isn't it? Okay, it isn't always. Some of them are cheerleaders. Some are wise elders. Some are pains in the butt. No matter who they are or how we interact, they're mine. That's worth something. It's worth a whole lot.

The Non-Humans
I find I often don't like homo sapiens. We're a crafty lot, but also full of ego, bitterness and greed. Give me the woods, or some time spent with a dog or cat, and I am fine. Just look at this face:

There, isn't that better?

The Mentors
You took the time to teach me stuff that you knew. Because of you, I'm a better person than I was.

Sometimes you turned to the dark side of the force. Even when I decided I had to fight you, you still taught me a whole heck of a lot.

At your worst, you taught me that mapping the path and walking the path are two radically different things. In the end, you taught me that I am the only one who can say that I have really and truly graduated. That wasn't a gift you intended to give me, but it is one for which I'm especially grateful.

The Students
I've taught you Shakespeare; I've taught you Foucault. I've taught you acting and directing; I've taught you ancient wisdom and the art of kicking ass. I've taught you how to help yourselves when your bodies were aching and your hearts were sore. I've taught you how to enjoy yourselves even though I was stuffing your noggins full of The Learning. For stepping up to the plate, you have my enduring respect. Even when you hated my guts - well, actually, you lot missed the point, didn't you?

The Friends
Couldn't do without you. 'Nuff said.

The Play People
When I met you the bond wasn't based on anything deep and true and real. It was based on fun. You are the play people. I've spent the afternoon with you and laughed my guts out; I've spun castles in the air with you or played a game of snark. Some of you have had starring roles in the (melo)drama of my life, for good or for ill.

The Parasites
It took me a while to figure you out, but I've got your number now.

The Gods

There are some people who just know how to bring it.


Maybe what they do is truly bizarre and so iconoclastic that many people will turn away before they can even begin to form the question, "Why?"

From the small town musical theatre performer who will never see a dime for singing his heart out, to the mega talent whose written word strikes awe in the hearts of millions, I salute you. I would not see the point in even trying to write if not for you.



Luanne G. Smith said...

Aw, I have a Boston Terrier who looks just like yours. And, yes, some days she's better company than many people I know. :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

I would love to see a picture, L.G.

Roger said...

well done.... i knew i forgot to mention the gods..

Sage Ravenwood said...

Wonderful list. The non humans are the center of any given day for me. Add the woods and my hearts home. (Hugs)Indigo

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, Roger and Indigo.

I spend a lot time in the woods, Indigo. Trees are my favourite teachers.