06 March 2012

Ten Things I Want to Say to Ten Different People Right Now

Day One of the Fantasy Writer Guy "Two Weeks of Reflection" challenge. Get yours now!

Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now (in no particular order):

I didn't quit on a whim or because I'm against you. You made it impossible for me to stay. You've lost the light.

I bet you're having a nice time. You are okay in your lives and I am okay in mine.

I hope you're happy, but I bet you're miserable. Actually, I don't really hope you're happy.

I fully intend to pay you back. It's twelve years later and I still don't have the money. Sorry.

I would be shit scared to live my life without you in it.

With the exception of that one thing at which you are unusually talented, the sex wasn't that good. I do sometimes miss that one thing, though.

You're a rattlesnake of a human being, so small and mean, I'm amazed that anyone will talk to you.

I hate to prognosticate, but I think what we're doing is going to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

I often wonder what happened to you. I wish we'd kept the conversation going.

I stopped writing because you criticized me. I guess I needed our correspondence to be a critique-free zone. Yes, what I said was maybe too cynical. I didn't have my head screwed on right.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

You go girl. Nothing like a good rant to clear the air.

Deborah Walker said...

Each of these is the breath of a story.

Elizabeth Twist said...

This was cathartic to write, Michael. When you start digging for ten different people, what comes up is old stuff. In some cases, decades old.

Aren't they just, Deborah?

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Makes me wonder who those people are? But what a way to get stuff off your chest! bravo!

Unknown said...

I totally agree! I followed the blog based solely on having read this post.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, T.Z.! If you're inspired, you can always join the challenge. The rest of the assignments are equally delicious.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Oh yes, I like Deborah's comment. Each could easily be turned into a story.

Traci Kenworth said...


Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Is that a picture of you and the warthog doing the one-sex-thing?

Elizabeth Twist said...

No no no. I'm the one wearing the warthog mask (my fetishes are very specific, okay?) and that pretty girl is trying to revive me after something went horribly wrong with those two monkeys dressed as cavaliers in the background.

I would have thought that was obvious.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Sorry. I see it now. Art appreciation is not my strongest suit. Well, I'm just getting over my long-weekend no-internet night-shift "work"-a-thon. I'm still delirious from sleep-jockeying but soon I will catch up on all your reflection posts! Thanks for playing along!