08 March 2012

Nine Things About Me that Maybe Might Surprise People Who Think They Know Me and Who Possibly Do Sort of in Their Way After a Fashion

Lichtenburg Figure

It's Day 2 of the Fantasy Writer Guy Reflection Challenge!

I am having a terrible time with this assignment. This is the exact turn of phrase: "Nine things about yourself that might surprise people who think they know you."

I do not know what people think of me in the first place, so how do I know who thinks they know me and how do I know who doesn't? I hesitate on the very verge of the open doorway of this cocktail party because I wonder, seriously and truly, what is the mystery of me and what is super obvious. It is really, really embarrassing to be all, "Oooh, I bet you'd never have guessed this naughty truth" only to have your interlocutor go, "Oh yeah, I knew that within five seconds of meeting you."

Sooo.....I am changing the assignment to

Nine open secrets that you probably don't know if you only know me through this blog:

I've got enough metal plates and pins in my arms to set off a metal detector at the airport.

The above fact does not bother me.

I overcame my injuries by doing tai chi. I've been practicing for almost twenty years.

I spend much of my time teaching and practicing tai chi and other internal martial arts (lok hup, hsing-i, paqua, sword, and sabre), qigong, and reiki. These pursuits are just as important to me as writing, which is to say very.

I am a spiritual person. Taoism is my primary focus.

I will defend your right to believe whatever you do (or don't). Each person has to decide for himself or herself. That is the name of the game, in some ways the only game.

I see no contradiction between being a spiritual person and writing (or reading) fiction that depicts violence, gore, ignorance, pain, or other dark stuff. It's a tricky, difficult world. Stories are here to help us process the hardest parts.

I met my partner after I made a resolution that I was going to be picky and wait as long as it took to meet someone who was right for me. About five minutes after.

My best friend is someone I've known since grade eight. That's just about thirty years. Yesterday's number five is about her.


Miranda Hardy said...

I lean more on the Taoist side as well in my beliefs. Good to meet another.

Deborah Walker said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I'm not doing this. You are so much more interesting than me.

poor me.

Mark said...

Neat post! Groovy blog too:)