23 January 2011

A Short Round-Up

Over at Killing the Buddha, Hillary White's article, "Cutting it Out," discusses Mormon DVD players and their terrifying, magical ability to edit out potentially offensive filmic moments.

Disclaimer: I think Twilight is silly and potentially damaging, although I probably would have gone nuts for it if I'd been twelve when the first book came out. But: yuck. Just yuck. (In case you're scared to click through as you should be, InStyle Magazine has gathered together some wedding planners so they can fake plan Edward and Bella's wedding.) Potential Twilight-and-feminism commentroversy over at Zachary Little's blog, if you're into Twilight-related commentroversy. Or you could just go hang out at Reasoning with Vampires and be done with it.

Eileen at Speak Coffee to Me blogged this already, but I saw it first! I saw it first!

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