10 January 2011

100 Words for $100 Blogfest Entry

Elena Solodow Means Business
Elena Solodow of You're Write. Except when You're Rong is running a month-long blogfest right now in celebration of her 100th post. The challenge is to write a 100-word sentence. One semi-colon is allowed; I hope she's cool with quotation marks.

This is my entry, inspired by the third story here, via the ever tasty Mysterious Universe. It's 100 words long, if you consider hyphenated words to be one word. Otherwise, it's 101 words long.

by Elizabeth Twist

At first, Sadie didn’t connect the quavering voice on the other end of the phone line with the spectral, black-robed figure who appeared under the apple tree in her backyard each night at dusk, but the more she listened to the stranger speak her antique words of warning, that Sadie’s lover Paul “knows yer money’s under the floor in the spare room, dearie, and he’s got a wife and child down old county road in Upsala, a girlie girl besides up by the lake,” Sadie remembered the spectre’s raised finger, shaking a warning, each time Paul was about to visit.


Tony Benson said...

Fabulous. You've shown with 100 (or 101) words that writing is conjuring. You conjured up very strong images for me with this, even though my images are almost certainly different from other peoples' - the beauty of writing.

I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award, which you can see at:

Elena Solodow said...

Thanks for entering!

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, Tony! Much obliged. Elena, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the contest entries.