06 January 2011

Delicious Exhibition, or, Battle of the Green Screens

Because of recent rearrangements in our household, I've been getting up at an ungodly hour this week, and will be doing so for some time. Unfortunately my body has yet to admit that this new schedule requires an earlier bed time, so right now I'm a little punch drunk and crashing out.

Inevitably, this state of mind has led to some random web surfing and revisiting of old amusements.

So now I am in a quandary: I cannot decide which of the following hot messes is the most awesome.

I'll leave it up to you and your conscience to decide:

I give you Shine:

Vs the Hoff:


Margo Benson said...

I think I have to go with The Hoff purely on laughs! The visuals on Shine are beautiful but the song doesn't live up to them.

Elizabeth Twist said...

It's amazing, isn't it, Margo? I'm still trying to figure out what the dachshunds are doing in there.

Denise Covey said...

I like Shine! The Hoff is such a worry!

Thx for coming by and checking out the Pub Party Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Twist said...

I'm looking forward to the Pub Party, L'Aussie. Obviously you've done a lot of work to make it happen!

Unknown said...

omg the shine video. for every possible use of fantasy cliche and gratuitous wind machine.

Elizabeth Twist said...

@ Eileen: I know, right? I'm wondering: if you use the wind machine in every possible scenario, is it gratuitous, or is it art?
(Picturing a scene in a public restroom...toilet paper flying everywhere.)