07 February 2012

Current Inspiration: Guys and Dolls


No, not the musical, the BBC documentary about sex dolls.

Sex in itself is almost like a violent act. But you know, the dolls are made for it. They can handle a lot of physical abuse.
I've had sex with a couple of dolls. Over the years that I've worked with them, there have been a couple of dolls that I had that were amazing. Amazing. This hundred pound doll came to life. It's pushing back, it's not just I'm pushing on it, but all of a sudden it's starting to push back. It's creating motion and friction. And the weight of the product, and how it behaves in this manner is very stimulating. It was an amazing thing. Very life like, very realistic, very odd. But it's just a doll, a very high form of masturbation.
                                                                        ~Slade, sex doll repair man.

Watching this documentary got me thinking about love, about the compelled and manufactured relationships in our lives, about the ways in which masculinity is a friable construct. It got me wondering about whether authenticity is possible in a relationship with a synthetic creature, and to what extent, and under what conditions.


Deborah Walker said...

What about dolls for women? I demand equality.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Hildred Billings said...

Oh my lol.

Especially since that's a very scary looking doll, haha.

Following you from the campaign. Nice to meet you!

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Deborah: Yours for only $6500.

@Hildred Nice to meet you! The dolls definitely hail from the uncanny valley.

Miranda Hardy said...

Wow! What a documentary that must have been. Lol

Stopping over to say hi.

Alex Villasante said...

wow. that's just amazing. to even think that sex dolls have repair men (and do the repair men have a trade association, do they meet once a year for a convention?) blows my mind. His description of having sex with a doll is creepy and fascinating at the same time. I'd love to see that documentary!

Jay Noel said...


Shows you just what little some men need. Geez!

Super Happy Jen said...

Now all it needs is a positronic brain and you're good to go.

Fellow campaigner. Hi!

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Miranda - you can watch it at the link in the post. It's on YouTube.

@Alex - Ha! I love the idea of a sex doll repair man trade association and convention. I got the impression that it was a solitary profession...could be wrong.

@Jay - It's an interesting choice, for sure.

@Super Happy Jen - with or without emotion chip?

Unknown said...

In today's world, there's a fine line between what is reality and the synthetic world we are building for ourselves. You think of 3D movies, video games in HD,virtual reality splendors where we dive into a fake world...

Seems like the sex doll is no different. Everything is becoming more synthetic and virtual. Face to face interaction is removed by texting, blogging, and instant messaging. A sex doll is the next step in removing the human factor. Removing ourselves from a world we came from and once understood, and diving into the rapacious gullets of a reality that will ultimately leave us feeling depressed and empty.

Humans need humans.

Misha Gerrick said...

Hmm. That's an interesting and... disturbing question.

Just stopped by because we're in the same campaign group. :-)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

For me, sex has nothing to do with friction. It's about adoring the beauty of the human form, but I don't expect everyone to jump on board (in a figurative way). Ah - The uncanny valley! I was thinking of this concept the other day but could not remember the name. And I'll probably forget again, but thanks.

Oh - do you have a Boston Terrier too? Apparently I'm the last human being without a Boston Terrier. Is some mad scientist breeding Boston Terriers by the billions? Is this wise?

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Jacob: my perception is that sex dolls are a reasonable alternative for people who find that they are not happy with interactions with humans.

@Misha: Hello! Good to see ya.

@FWG: Agreed, sex=friction and only friction is an unfortunate formula.

I had a Boston before Bostons were cool. That's my claim and I'm sticking to it. They are excellent dogs. It's like living with a clown / monkey / old man / canine hybrid that snores.

Bluestocking said...

This is an interesting subject to me, and I think it started with Jude Law's sexbot role in AI. How humans keep creating more and more "real" sexual tools (for lack of a better word) to avoid emotional entanglements with other humans, but losing something else in the process because of that artificiality... There's all sorts of social and cultural ramifications to think about :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Bluestocking: and I'm thinking about 'em! That story is drafted, and should be second-drafted, possibly even subbed somewhere by the end of the week.