04 February 2012

Broken Realities and Other Delights

Source: Want to go halfsies or third-sies on this apartment?

My imagination likes to linger in certain places. This past month I've been returning to certain themes in much the same way that a tongue returns to the empty socket of a tooth that's been pulled.

In more than one story I've included tentacles, realities that bleed into each other, demented mentors, primal religious impulses, gleeful hedonists, and practical jokes.

In the coming month I'm anticipating stories about alien encounters and underprepared persecutors.

What's punching its way out of your brain these days?


Misha Gerrick said...

Oh yes I'd share that appartment. ^_^

My imagination is leaning to the sequels of the book I'm working on.

Autumn Shelley said...

I'm playing in a post-acopalyptic parallel universe where angels are overworked and Deacons aren't always what they seem. (Like that makes any sense.)
Alien revelations and taboo love stories of women finding true love just not with the men they are married to round out the top 3. Sheesh!

Deborah Walker said...

I'm writing about a tree the size of a planet. Really looking forward to getting into the biology.

And we should have our writers' retreat in that apartment.

Annie Neugebauer said...

Yeah, I definitely find themes that keep crawling into my work. Blindness, the ocean, missing parents, and little elf-like men all keep coming back. I love that apartment!

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Misha - isn't it a fabulous apartment? If you've got a sequel in the mix, you must be liking the book you're working on. That's fabulous.

@Autumn - It makes enough sense to me. I love your list.

@Debs - Wow. That sounds amazing. Writers' retreat - doubly amazing.

@Annie - Great themes. I'm sure if we followed the shifting themes we like to work on throughout our careers, we could map some secret parts of our minds.