20 December 2015

Greetings, People of Earth

2015 has been interesting. My business grew by leaps and bounds. There was one significant family health crisis, happily resolved. The amazing Dave and I bought a house in one of the most bizarrely competitive markets in Canada, and moved into said house. (As I write this, Box Mountain still stands.) I wrote. I wrote a lot of long form stuff. I edited some of it. I didn't edit some...other parts of it.

And I drifted a bit, but that always happens. I met a lot of creative types. I thought a lot about craft. I thought a lot about where I want to go with this writing thing. I wondered why it's so hard to finish a long form project. I wondered how you all were doing!

So I'm here in this space again, to say howdy (HOWDY) and to also say that I'm planning to play Write1Sub1 this year. I've been outside of the short story space for a while and I miss it! In the name of warming up, I wrote and subbed a drabble to Alban Lake's Great Lake Drabble Contest (Confessions of a Shapeshifter)

*whispering into your ear* join me....

I've also got my eye on the hilariously titled No Shit, There I Was anthology...because yes. They want short (2k-7500 words) speculative fiction that starts with that line. Forever endeared to me because the guidelines include the phrase "salty language is okay." Oh sing the song of my heart. They're offering pro rates. DL 6 January. 

I hope whatever your plans are for 2016, they're shaping up well. I plan to stop by all of yours to see how you are, but please don't hesitate to drop a comment and let me know immediately!

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