12 June 2015

Trunking It

So I woke up in a cold sweat this morning, heart pounding, only to realize it had been approximately a thousand years since I last dropped by here and said something. 

Okay I didn't. But I have been thinking about all of you and imagine my joy and bliss to see that so many of you are still vigorously or at least semi-vigorously posting on your bloggity blogs. 

In the last mumbly-joe months I've been continuing my project of getting old stuff off my hard drive and out into the world, an effort that has sometimes meant putting in some time trying to compensate for old bad habits, and I've been trying to get serious about finishing a novel project or two. My regular business (teaching Tai Chi and Qigong) has somewhat taken off in a way that isn't looking like it will slow down any time soon, so that's been sucking down some time. 

Currently I'm working on a superhero story and trying to finish one about genetically altered sheep women. 

How about you??


Andrew Leon said...

I really want to have some witty comment about Tai Chi and boiling water, but it's late and I've been gone for a week, so it's not coming together in my head.
Or out of it, either.

Mina Lobo said...

You had me at "genetically altered sheep women." it were.

You're not the only one who's fallen off the blog wagon--I've spent the last hour or so catching up with folks after a hiatus in blog-reading, and numerous folks have been through some non-bloggy/non-writey stuff as well. Hey, man--life. :-)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

It's comforting to know that you are still alive and I have not been hiking with a ghost once a week.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Sounds like you're busy! Summer is a crazy time for a lot of people. It always takes me awhile to transition. Then once I'm accustomed to summer, it ends.

Misha Gerrick said...

Great news that your day-job has taken off. :-)

I'm trying to get around all the blogs I followed ages ago so I can sort them and clean up the list, which so happens to be what I'm doing here.