08 April 2014


Is anyone else late with their A to Z posts? I'm late, but here's the "d" entry. (Congrats if you've got a dirty enough mind to titter there. Me too.)

Things are not looking good for our little elephant today.

In case you missed the earlier entries, there is a story here, and it might help to start at the beginning, unless you just enjoy looking at altered vintage postcards.

Part One: Admit One
Part Two: Banished
Part Three: Coastal

So I'm having fun playing with images. This is an ongoing story I'm just going to try to enjoy putting together. Sometimes I think we don't play enough, especially those of us who are semi-serious or super-serious about one art form or another. If you don't play, the writing gets stale, though. Right? Let us not become stale.


Andrew Leon said...

I guess I don't have a dirty enough mind, because I'm not seeing any giggles.
But I did see the elephant sink.

Linda said...

Oh no, the elephant sunk, can it be rescued?

Unknown said...

Uh-oh. It seems they shouldn't have been on that bridge. And maybe Mr Moon's smirk should have alerted them all was not well...
(new follower)
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