23 December 2011

Holiday Giveaway for Writers at Stringing Words

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of a forum for writers called Stringing Words. This forum is basically the Cheers of writing communities. It's cosy, friendly, and a good place to hang out when you want to remember that one giant reason to be a writer is that writers make great communities. Though I can be a cynical bastard at times, I need love and support too. This a place I know I can get it. 

I use the Stringing Words forum primarily as a space for goal tracking and morale boosting, and secondarily as a go-to spot when I've got a question about writing or want to discuss anything to do with getting words on paper. We're a mixed group in terms of genre and achievement level and age. All are welcome. 

Now is a fabulous time to join for two reasons: one, it's almost 2012, and soon Stringers will be adding their own threads to a 2012 projects forum. Wouldn't you love to start a list of your giant, amazing, and ambitious goals for the writing year? You would. I know you would.

Reason number two: you could win something nice! We're hosting a holiday giveaway right now. It is open to new members. The prize is a $20 gift card to Whee! And we would love to meet you. 


Deborah Walker said...

Hiya Elizabeth. Sounds cool, thanks for the tip and Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Merry Christmas!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I hadn't heard of Stringing Words before, but it sounds wonderful. Off to check it out!

Anonymous said...

The 'Cheers' of Writing communities. I really really like that slogan for Stringing Words!

Over at the Kelworth Files, I'm celebrating my 400th post, and have named you as one of my MVPs for all your great supportive comments! Thanks so much!