05 December 2011

Celebrate the Burnings of Your Life

I don't know why, but this is amusing me no end right now.

4koma comic strip - Some Mascots Just Want to Watch the World Burn
Via Comixed

I'm working on a larger post about the dark forces gumption I managed to rustle up in November. In the meantime, I'm watching some extremely fucked up movies and researching octopuses in order that I might better write about them.


Deborah Walker said...

I didn't know they had nine brains. I did know that they're intelligent, because they can predict football results. I think that anthology is going to be really wild. Haven't written anything yet, though.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Debs, I didn't know that either. And three hearts! They really are amazing animals. The one documentary I watched showed how far back their evolutionary line split from the one occupied by vertebrates: far. I have an idea for a story that feels to me like the only obvious response for this call, which means either that it is unique to me and my perspective, or tons of others will be doing the same thing. Who knows? I plan to start writing tonight.

Deborah Walker said...

I had a go today. My idea felt a little on the nose. First contact with octopoidal (sic)space aliens. Of course, it's not always the idea it's the execution. Still . . .

Good luck with yours.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Excellent. My story's going to start with earthly (oceanly?) octopodes who experience their own close encounter, so maybe we've got a theme going.

Sarah said...

Is that a bear? That's hilarious.