29 June 2014

A Page of My Handwriting

A certain bearded gentleman recently asked me how small my handwriting is. This is the easiest way to answer:

click image to embiggen

Common answers to FAQs: yes, I can read it. Some people find it easy to read; others don't. This is the third-last page of my current novella project, so if you don't want spoilers for something that'll probably see the light of day in the far future, then, uh, don't read it? Also it is overwritten. If I can't decide how I'd like to say something, my tendency is to write it two or even three different ways, separated by commas, and pick one when it comes time to transcribe or edit.

For the curious, the marks and numbers in red on / over the text were made when I counted the words (545 in all for this page). I count words for record-keeping purposes, to help me stay on track for my annual raw word count goal (250k this year) and also so I have a sense of how long the draft is. The numbers in the left column are tallying the total number of words I wrote on June 20th (545 on this project / 1168 on another project); the monthly total (11968), and then the total number of words for this project (545 + 52379 = 52984).

So to answer your question, Andrew: I don't know if I'd say my writing is microscopic. It's not the smallest I've seen, but I've found that the key to fitting lots of words on a page is horizontal density - squishing the words left / right rather than how tall they are. I guess they're pretty closely packed.


Andrew Leon said...

I'm pretty sure that's smaller than mine, which is impressive. I have long had complaints about how small my writing is.

May Ann Francisco said...

Quite impressive indeed...

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

It looks legible, although I'd prefer a typed copy.

Deborah Walker said...

Nice word count goal, Elizabeth. Are you on track?

Elizabeth Twist said...

@May: Thank you!

@Michael, I'll remember to type it out when I start worldwide distribution.

@Debs: If I NaNoWriMo my little heart out as usual this November, yup. It's not a slow and steady thing for me, it's more that some months are about raw word count more than others. With the page a day I had a steady dribble, but this month it will be more of a torrent, now that I've fulfilled some of my real-world obligations.