13 February 2014

Teddy Has An Operation

If you're a creative type, you should probably know about Ze Frank's An Invocation for Beginnings. (Seriously, go watch it now. Watch it every day before you start work if you need to.) He's done a lot of awesome stuff with his YouTube account, including the hilarious "True Facts" series. (True Facts about Morgan Freeman is one of my personal favourites.)

Lately I've been finding myself returning to watch Teddy Has An Operation. Basically, it's a tidy little horror short that mixes adorableness with grossness. Warning? There is gore. And candy. And plastic toys. And silly string. And gore.


Andrew Leon said...

That is hilarious and gross. I'll try to remember to check out some more of those.

Elizabeth Twist said...

This is my favourite of Ze Frank's videos, Andrew, but he's done a bunch of great stuff.

I hope everyone is keeping their heart's heart safe this Valentine's day.