02 September 2012

New Story Up at Allegory

Devil's Car by Ruslan via Wikimedia Commons

A brand spankin' new flash piece by yours truly, "The Mechanic's Darling," is up as part of the Fall 2012 issue of Allegory. It's free to read, and you can download a pdf of the stories if you'd rather stick them on your e-reader, so go nuts!

The inspiration for this story came originally from a prompt generated by Archetype Writing's Plot Scenario Generator. Click at your own risk: these are simple but grabby story ideas. I think they tend to work as prompts because they give you a way into the story. The one I used went something like this:

"The story starts when your protagonist moves to a new town. Another character is a mechanic with supernatural powers."

This was the first time I completed an idea from a plot generator, but I would do it again. It can be a fun way to introduce limitations into a plot. I don't know about your imagination, but mine thrives on limitations.

Once I sat with the idea of a mechanic with supernatural powers, my imagination factory kicked in and I started thinking about deals with the devil (one of my favourite themes), fairy kidnappings, and the inner workings of families. I hope you enjoy the story.

(p.s. consider supporting Allegory by purchasing an older issue from their archives for the extremely reasonable price of $2.)


Unknown said...

OMG this would be so much fun. Thank you for introducing me to this! I haven't heard of Allegory before your post. I'm sure it can be very addictive... :)

Bluestocking said...

Congrats! Very cool story... and did I spy an author's photo? ;)

Andrew Leon said...

I can't get the link to work. I'll try again later.

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Jadie: Nice to see you here. Welcome!

@Bluestocking: Yup, that is me.

@Andrew: I hope you do get it to work. Otherwise, just head over to the magazine and click on the story title in the ToC column on the lefthand side of the web page.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

That was a good one, Elizabeth! Really enjoyed it.

Now I'm off to check out the Plot Generator... :)

Andrew Leon said...

I still can't connect to it :( Not just your story; I can't connect to the website at all.

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Madeline: Thanks! I hope you like the plot generator. I've found it to be fun.

@Andrew: That is weird. Anyone else having that problem?

Deborah Walker said...

Hoorah for spectral hamsters. A fun story, Elizabeth.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Congratulations on your published story, Elizabeth. I'm off to check it out.

Elizabeth Twist said...

@Debs: Thank you!

@Michael: Thank you!

Andrew Leon said...

The link finally worked for me. Great story. I wish it was longer.

I don't think I realized I should have been calling you doctor all of this time.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Andrew: So glad the link finally worked for you, and thanks for reading and for wishing it was longer.

Oh, yeah, that doctor thing. Mostly that leads to confusion. People tend to equate it with medical doctor status, and then they always look disappointed when I explain it's "Doctor of Philosophy."

Andrew Leon said...

Still... I'd totally use that. You earned that degree! You should have Dr. Twist on all of your works.

Elizabeth Twist said...

I might save "Dr. Twist" for my evildoings rather than use it up on my evilwritings.