05 August 2012

"Voop" is Up at Z-Composition

A while back, I had a rousing debate with Dave about whether, and what, vampires poop. It is an age-old question that has troubled many a young Twilight fan. My contention was that, since vampires are metabolically enhanced to absorb blood as their perfect food, they don't need to defecate. Dave countered with the question of what would happen if a vampire needed to eat regular food in order to blend in with society.

"Voop" is my exploration of this theme in flash fiction form. It's up this month at Z-Composition.

Via Lolcats.


Mina Lobo said...

Fun story! I especially liked the bit about looking for scat, not making it. :-) I also found myself wondering why they didn't use toilets, was glad to see you provided an answer within the story. Rock on, Ms. Twist!
Some Dark Romantic

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks muchly, Mina. I have a strong affection for silly stories, though much horror / genre stuff seems to be deadly serious these days, and that always has its place. Glad you liked it.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, man, that sounds like a question my kids would come up with!

Esther Jones said...

Very clever. I was also wondering about the toilets. Nicely done.

Jocelyn Rish said...

What a fun story. I'd never really thought about vampire poop before, but then on the latest episode of True Blood one of the vampire characters said that vampires don't poop. The whole exchange was so funny, and then to come here and read this post was perfect timing.

Sarah said...

I suspect that if a vampire eats human food (as they do in vampire dairies) then they will have to eliminate, as humans do. However, if they only drink blood, then they will not have to eliminate.

It would really depend on the Vamp Universe. In Vamp Dairies, the vampires drink alcohol to help with urges and to make them feel more warm and human like. They eat human food to blend in and to help with cravings as well.

In Trueblood I have only ever seen vamps drink blood.

In various other books while vamps have had a sip of tea or alcohol, I have never heard of them actually eating human food like I do in Vamp Dairies, so I can only surmise that if they do eat food like a human, than they will have to use the washroom like one ;)