13 July 2012

Interview at The Death Writer

My maternal grandmother.
With apologies for the late notice, I wanted to let you know that on Monday, an interview with me went up over at The Death Writer. For those of you not familiar with Pamela's excellent blog, she collects people's experiences of death and movies that include death as a theme. She interviews people who work with death as part of their professions, and writers who have written about death. She is creating quite the amazing archive on this topic. She examines it from a multitude of angles, and is always impartial but compassionate.

She interviewed me about the death of my maternal grandmother ten years ago. It was good to write about her, and great to receive some thoughtful and very kind comments about it. Check it out!


Luanne G. Smith said...

Off to check it out. What a fascinating collection of stories that must be.

deathwriter said...

Awww, there's your grandma! Thanks for pointing people in my direction. You're getting a lot more comments.
Thanks for being a contributor and sharing your experience.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks for dropping by over there. Much obliged.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Thanks, Pamela. Sorry I didn't get to post about it until now. You're building a wonderful community at your blog.

I am glad for the reason to finally take that photo of my grandmother out of its frame and scan it. I should have done it long ago. Now it's done.

Red Tash said...

She's lovely. <3

Deborah Walker said...

What a fascinating blog. Thanks for sharing your memories of your Grandma, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Twist said...

I know. She was absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. It was really nice to spend some time writing about her.