22 January 2012

A Fun Thing

Tomorrow, the fine people at are celebrating National Handwriting Day by offering YOU (and him and her and you and you and you) the chance to make a font (or more than one!) out of your own handwriting for free.

The offer is only good on January 23rd, 2012. Use the coupon CPN4NHD2012 at checkout.

As a longtime writer-by-hand, I can't wait! I suspect the results will be illegible, but they will also be stylish, and that's enough for me.

To make excellent Blacke Inke

Via Reasoning With Vampires.


L.G.Smith said...

What a weird deal. But kind of cool. Now I wish I had some wicked handwriting style, but alas it's pretty standard and boring.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

This may be just a little more fun than I can handle.

Okay, that was a lie. I have an old browser and no credit card so I miss out on a lot of neat things. Which is good. I's the only thing that keeps me writing.

Uh oh. Beware the thouagi.

Milo James Fowler said...

I tried it out last year, and the results were actually kind of cool!

Deborah Walker said...

Cool. Did you do it, Elizabeth? I forgot. Which is probably a good thin, as my long hand isn't very pretty Can you post an example?

Elizabeth Twist said...

It looked pretty cool, I thought, too. Then I had a busy day yesterday and forgot all about it!

We are distracted writers, Debs. There is just no denying it. Hope someone else got a kick out of it, though.