23 October 2011

Coffin Hop Contest: You Could Take It With You

It's the week before Halloween, and the beginning of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour. Hooray! Last time I checked the website, there were 99 fabulous writers participating - which means that there will be tons of wonderful contests to enter and win. So get hopping, visit some new writers, and enter their contests!

What am I giving away, pray tell? I've got a two-part prize for you. Part one is electronic: you get issues 1-3 of One Buck Horror as a gift from me from, plus a copy of One Buck Zombies. Issue one of One Buck Horror contains my story "The Last Nephew." (Hooray!) Overall, this is one of the most exciting horror magazines out there. I guarantee you'll enjoy reading it.

I don't think a giveaway is any fun unless you get something in the mail, though, so I'm including something old and super cool as part of this prize: a teeny tiny leather bound copy of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. If you've read this creepy late 18th-century poem, you'll know it's one of the weirdest and spookiest pieces in English literature. If you've never read it, you're in for a treat. Impress and win the person of your affections by carrying this around in your pocket:

Looks impressive, right? But look how teeny:

That is a regular bic pen, my friends. The edition also has some awesome line drawings:

And it contains a copy of the poem Christabel, pretty much the earliest example of the vampiros lesbos genre that I'm aware of. I will mail this to you, plus Halloween stickers!

What do you have to do? Leave a comment on this post, and tell me the one thing you have or might someday have or fantasize about having that you'd like to be buried with when you kick it. In your ideal world, what would be with you in your coffin? Are you hoping for the perfect little black dress (or awesome black suit) or do you wish you could go with the full Mesopotamian funeral and take your slaves, your pets, and your numerous spouses with you? On November 1st, I'll pick a winner at random out of a hat or similar vessel and contact you to get your info.

This is a global contest. If you are on the earth planet, I will mail your prize to you.

Make sure you leave an email address or other means of contacting you. If you're worried about spammers, you can always format it this way: yourname at mailservice dot com.


Deborah Walker said...

That book is just darling and I want to be buried with it. Alternatively with a copy of Asimov's with my story on the cover (I'm working on that one)


KCarey said...

I want a traditional Klingon Funeral... Death Scream... Then I think, I'd like it to be more like the vikings. I wanna funeral pyre, and be burned... With... Hmm... I don't know. Dressed in my Skizzor Girl, Air Ship Pirate costume...

Lauri said...

I like the idea of being burried with books, but I couldn't choose just one. Maybe burried in a tomb full of books to take with me to the otehr side.

the fishing widow said...

With "Commodore Hornblower" (in a nice, leather-bound edition) propped open in my hands and funky, naughty librarian reading glasses over my eyes ... and buried vertically so the poor sap who always gets stuck excavating post holes on archaeological sites can find me and TOTALLY FLIPPIN' FREAK OUT!... yeah .. that's the stuff. ^___^

Anthony Rapino said...

I'd like to be buried naked on a bed of red leaf lettuce. I should shimmer with a sweet glaze of honey (raw and unprocessed please). At my side I'd like a quart of barbeque sauce and some celery sticks.

Bon appetit.

horrorwritercontest AT gmail DOT com

J.C. Martin said...

Cool little book? Can I be buried with that? Only if this giveaway is international, of course! ;)

Coffin Hopper

Read my Coffin Hop post HERE

C.W. LaSart said...

I would rather say what I DON"T want to be buried with. I don't want my eyes, my organs, my skin or even my bones if they can help someone else. Use all that you can and burn the rest.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Great ideas, all. I'm loving the vast array of spartan to elaborate plans.

Keep coffin hopping, everybody!

Elizabeth Twist said...

p.s. the contest is international, so enter no matter where you live.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a tough question. Perhaps my Harry Potter collection, in case my ghost gets bored and wants to do some reading. Or my future first novel that becomes a bestseller :)

I totally want that tiny book. That is awesome.

Julie Jansen said...

I want to be buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Sonoma, California in my family's plot. It's a forgotten place surrounded by oaks where rattlesnakes slither amongst the tombstones. I won't take anything with me but will be with my grumpy Great Uncle Jerome who I hope has turned a little more personable in death :)

michael said...

i want to be buried with all my books!

Craig Smith said...

Awesome looking little book.

I would like to be buried in a iceberg and sent out to sea, obviously with an ice pick so I can escape in case I wasn't really really really dead.

Red Tash said...

Wow, so macabre! Well done.

I won't be buried. That sickly sweet funeral home smell needs to stay the hell away from my dead body. Yick!

That book is awesome, and I'm googling Christabel now!

Anne Michaud said...

Well, I'm am a notorious crazy cat lady, so when I get incinerated (coffins are for vamps and sadly, I am not) I'd like for all my cats' ashes to be with me. Oh, and then, I want my ashes to be scattered in the wind on Beachy Head, UK. Yes, yes, that is the perfect spot for something totally dramatic!

Anonymous said...

I plan to be buried with a copy of my first novel published by TOR. So...I'd better get back to work! =] Twitter: @mfowler76

Jennifer S said...

Would it be mean if I said I wanted to be buried with the remote to the TV, especially if I go before my hubby :) (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Awesome question for the Coffin Hop. And I love The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. First read it in college and stumbled on it again a couple years ago much to my pleasure.

Okay, so I want to be cremated. With my copy of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Maybe Ray Bradbury, too if it happens sometime soon.

Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

jkraus8464 said...

I want to be buried with the latest copy of the Firefighter's Calendar attached to the "roof" of my coffin so that I have something nice to look at until I enter the other side. Just in case. Like bathroom reading. Eternal Beefcake.

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Elizabeth. Very cool contest you are running here. I'd love to win.
Considering the fact that I dreamt about being a published author for two decades, only to see it come to pass near my 40th birthday, you would think that I would wish to be buried with a copy of my first softcover. Thankfully, I have never felt the need to sleep with one beneath my pillow. However, since this is baseball season and either Texas or St. Louis will be crowned champion tonight, I think I would like to be buried in my World Champion Chicago Cubs gear. Sadly, it has been 103 years since the last time this happened. I hope they don't have to exhume me in order to make this happen. Lol.
rapture22 at hotmail dot com

RL.Treadway said...

Awesome looking little book! You can reach me through blogger (I'm following in a sec) I don't like putting my e-mail "out there" despite the anti-spam methods. At this point, I think the one thing I'd take with me into the coffin would be my favorite pillow.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Can I go with - I’d like to be cremated with?
A stuffed toy that I’ve had since I was 6, that sounds silly doesn’t it. I plan on haunting people so carrying a stuffed toy would just add to the creep factor. ^_-

Penelope Crowe said...

Hello fellow hopper!

Glad I could visit your site. :) I'm looking forward to a night in front of the fire and

shivery tales of spirits and the dark. Come visit me if you and get

one of my books and enter to win a NOOK!

Thanks and happy hopping!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth
What a gorgeous mini-book! It is a great story too!
MMhh great question for the coffin hop..
For me I do not want to be buried as being under earth with worms and other strange creepy crawlies freaks me out...
I always did like the idea of being pushed out into a lake on a bed of reeds and being set they used to do in Europe.
As for taking anything with me...I like the idea of taking all the great classics with one.
last_lines (at) me (dot) com
hopping from "Wrestling the Muse"

Raingirl said...

I would like to be buried with my little teacup chihuahua doggy (he's 10 now)and my a Kindle Fire that has all my books on it so that I can read and browse the web from the "other side"
loving the Coffin Hop
Happy Holloween.......BOO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant contest! I'd like to be cremated with the very first drawing my daughter made me, just so I'd always have some part of her with me.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Super cool!!!

Happy Halloween!

Michael Montoure said...

Hmmm. I'm going to have to go with a Kindle and a flashlight. Just in case. Being dead might be boring. :)

That book is insanely adorable. Very generous of you to be offering it up like this. Thanks for the contest, and if you like, check out my Coffin Hop giveaway at my site. Happy Halloween!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

I want to be cremated and placed in a glass jar with diamond dust - or at least glitter.

erinoriordan (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Shadow said...

Happy Halloween! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would want to be buried with my ereader, this way i can take my books with me. lol

Jeanette J said...

I want to be buried with my dogs, Barkley and Templeton, all of my HP Lovecraft books (so I'll have something to read)and a tape recorder with my Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper.

Elizabeth Twist said...

You guys are blowing my mind. I'm fascinated by how many people want cremation vs. burial, and also by how attached people are to their e-readers. I'm thinking it's high time I picked one up. (An e-reader, not a creamation.)

Rae Lori said...

That is a gorgeous leather bound book! Despite my love for ebooks, I must say I do love reading old hardcovers. Especially the ones with the ink spotted or gold tinted edges on their pages. :-)

I'd want to be buried with all my books. Hmm that would be a crowded coffin so maybe I can make do with all my books loaded onto my Nook and then just buried with that! :-D

Autumn Shelley said...

Oh don't worry, since my dog had emergency surgery on Monday and I've pretty much missed the whole Coffin Hop, I think I can extend my deadline past the date and the 49th paralell >wink<
That book is amazing, and while I'd love to enter, since my preferred method of disposal is Viking burial, I'll be on a burning barge set out to sea. I don't believe in earthly/material posessions so there isn't really anything I'll be taking with, other than the experiences and lessons of an interesting lifetime! You know I'm a fan!